Mass House Wash is coming up on three decades as a Massachusetts leader in the house washing business. As an established house washing company, certified roof washing contractor, and full service commercial building power washing company (click to visit our commercial division), we have the credentials necessary to become your one stop power washing company for all roof washing and house washing services.

Our 28 years of experience has increased our efficiency and performance in our house pressure washing and soft roof washing services, which ultimately saves on the cost to our customers. Mass House Wash continually strives to be the most professional, safety oriented, power washing company, with the utmost attention to customer satisfaction.

Mass House Wash owns its own fleet of aerial lifts, ranging in height from 50 feet to 130 feet. This unique feature allows us to access houses or buildings, safely and at a fraction of the time and cost of other conventional methods.

House Washing Services

Your home is most likely your largest investment. Exterior pressure washing or power washing your house is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to increase your homes value.

Exterior house washing services or “powerwashing” consists of pressure washing a house to restore the beauty of a house that is plagued with dirt, algae, mold and other substances which can take away from your homes appearance.

Every home and surface is different. Therefore, the pressure washing method can vary depending on what type of surface we are power washing. We power wash surfaces such as vinyl siding, aluminum siding, wood, brick, and concrete, just to name a few.

Exterior Power washing or pressure washing of your home may be just one of the many things around your property that needs our power washing services. Mass House Wash provides many exterior pressure washing or power washing services such as concrete sidewalks, fences, decks, driveways, brick just to name a few. Please see our “Other Surfaces” section for more detail.

Roof Washing Services


Are you sick of those ugly black stains on your roof? That black streaking is called roof algae or roof mold. This algae or mold will shorten the life of your roof, as it is actually eating the limestone filler in your shingles. Word is fast getting out that roof washing and roof cleaning has both economic and aesthetic benefits to any property owner.

Never, ever power wash a shingle roof. Professional power washing companies do not entertain this thought. Our soft roof wash service uses no pressure and is recommended by ARMA (American Roof Manufacturers Association) as the proper roof cleaning method. Without “power washing” or pressure washing, we will clean your roof to kill the roof mold and make your roof look new again. We photograph all of our roof wash projects. Our customers are always amazed at the results of our roof cleaning procedure

ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association) now recommends this procedure as proper roof maintenance. It is a little known fact that 40% of the roofs replaced in the US each year are done prematurely due to roof mold issues.

Roof mold and discoloration has been an issue in southern states for years. It is fast becoming more of an issue every year in the northeast. Our roof washing company has noticed an increasing interest in shingle roof wash projects over the past five years or so.

Building Washing Services

Please Visit our COMMERCIAL BUILDING CLEANING Division by clicking here www.bostonmassbuildingpowerwashing.com

We are one of the finest building cleaning companies in Massachusetts and surrounding areas. Whether you call it power washing, pressure washing, chemical cleaning, or building washing, we have the experience and equipment to meet all your exterior pressure washing needs.

Mass House Wash owns its own fleet of aerial lifts, ranging in height from 50 feet to 130 feet. This unique feature allows us to access houses or buildings, safely and at a fraction of the time and cost

Other Surfaces

As a full services power washing or pressure washing company Mass House Wash offers many exterior cleaning or power washing services such as:

Deck power washing Concrete power washing
Awning power washing Stone power washing
Fence power washing Brick power washing
Walkway power washing Retaining wall power washing


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